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Before the winter takes a definite control over the landscape, you can enjoy few weeks of soft and smooth light and hours long orange sunsets. Hill slopes turn to gold and valleys are filled with white cotton-grass heads. The last fledglings are getting ready to leave for southern lands and reindeer feasting as much as possible, before the ground freezes over again. The nature is losing its summer temperament and it is open to kindly share its beauties.

Sailing in Svalbard ©-Marcel Schütz-2020


Level: Beginners
Dates: 20.08.-26.08.2021 / 11.08.-17.08.2022
Price: EUR 4100.- min. 3 pers. max 6 pers.

Do you want to learn photography? On this tour I give you the basics of autumn-light photography. The main focus is how to use your camera in nature.

Gain basic Knowledge. The beginner program is equal to the the advanced/professional one. The difference is, that we take more time for basic photography knowledge in the field and I give you an introduction and practical tips in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.

For beginners

Smithbreen, Svalbard ©-Marcel Schütz-2020


Level: Advanced and professionals
Dates: 03.09.-09.09.2021 / 19.08.-25.08.2022
Price: EUR 4100.- min. 3 pers. max 6 pers.

On this tour I will bring you to very special places all around Isfjord. Our main focus is landscape- and animal-photography in central Spitsbergen.

Time for the perfect shot. You are an advanced or professional photographer? Then the tour is exactly the right one for you. We are focussing on the best angles, light conditions, compositions and take as much time as we need to take the perfect shot.

For advanced and professionals

Svalbard Reindeer at the West Coast ©-Marcel Schütz-2020


Level: For all
Dates: On request
Price: Ask for a Price

As all year around as well in the autumn season you can request a customised excursion / photo-expedition with me. Get in touch now…

Your wish is my command. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional photographer, I’m happy to set up a trip according to your personal wishes. With more then 10 years of experience I know a lot of special and secret places which are far off the mainstream tourism.

For all levels