My name is Marcel Schütz and I have established the Svalbard Photography web page as my own „10 Years in Svalbard Anniversary“ present to share the passion of wildlife and landscape photography with you.

Since 2020, I focus explicitly on photo-expeditions together with my travel company Spitzbergen Reisen AS. On this webpage you can find the complete overview of all the possibilities of how to explore Svalbard together with me.

During more than ten years of expeditions up here, I have accompanied many photographers in the field. I have been guiding beginners, advanced, and professionals with all kind of special interests. The trips lasted from one day up to several weeks. The Svalbard nature has a great diversity of fauna, flora, landscapes, light impressions and every expedition brings you expected and unexpected pictures and experiences. The nature is alive and sometimes moody, which makes it very exciting and changing in every moment.

This is what keeps me here in the northern lands. Every day is a new adventure.

Marcel Schütz in Pyramiden